Generators, which convert any type of energy to electrical energy machines.

These devices, which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy machines, which convert chemical energy into electrical energy batteries, photoelectric cells that convert light energy into electricity, thermoelectric generators that convert heat energy into electricity are included.

Today, the generator is first mentioned, translating mechanical energy into electrical energy machines.

This generator can run with the wind, or hydro energy we use in everyday life, such as diesel generators, gasoline or natural gas fuels are used.

The most preferred type of generator is diesel generators in industrial areas.

History of Generator

Michael Faraday in 1831 that can produce electricity, "Faraday disk" in the name of a small generator, but it has produced in this invention that does not lead to major technological breakthrough.

In the 1850s it started to be mass-produced for the first time the dynamos are widely used for lighting.

In 1880 when Thomas Edison and Joseph Swarm find light bulbs, generators and power supplies are a necessity. Edison Company in 1882, New York, London and Milan to use electricity for lighting energy DC has established manufacturing centers.

Soon after that, the discussion about the use of DC and AC currents started. Until the beginning of 1890 in the transformer and generator systems as a result of developments in American Nikola Tesla's AC electrical power on the use of transplants has proven benefits.Using the AC generator is the first large hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls was opened in 1895.

Today, the generators are indispensable in our lives has become one of the state.Recently, robots and machines developed for the nano generators.(Back to Top)

Technical Information

Today the most preferred generator types are industrial diesel generators and portable type of small generators. Industrial type generators, 24 hours of continuous use in accordance with the design and for many years for use as are manufactured. Portable generators are used usually 3-5 hours in order to meet the energy requirements

The engine and the alternator are the most important part of the industrial-type generators. By each different engine manufacturers own brands (Volvo, Cummins, Perkins, MTU, etc ...) and alternators (Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon ... etc) is manufactured by using the generator.
This typeof generators typically produce high-decibel sounds, so generators with Sound Isolation Booths are preferred. In the case of generators to be moved, trailer-type generators are preferred.

Low voltage industrial generators and the middle and high voltage generators are manufactured according to the request. Home generators and low voltage generators are used in workplaces. In these generators, 50-60 Hz, single phase (240V), and phase (380V) can be taken out.

One of the most important part of the generators are the Control and Distribution panel. Automatic and manual operation of the generator control panels, monitoring and fault detection of electrical values are used in this section.

What is the generator of the most common today, as we mentioned generators part, generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators systems are;

- Engine
- Alternator
- Control panel

Alternator consists of three parts;
1. Engine part which is turning around the axis that motion transmitted.
2. The strator, which turns in the rotor and has electrical connections.
3. Electronic voltage regulator which fixes the voltage.

Operation of the generator control panel, settings are required for making and monitoring, indicators and other electrical equipment is part of where.

Dynamo, called an electromagnetic coil, is turned to cut the induction lines in the electromagnetic field. In electrostatic generator (Van de Graaf generator, Wimshurst machine), mechanical energy, electrostatic induction, or by friction produced equal and opposite to the electrical load is exerted by division.

Generators, the largest to the smallest facility to be manufactured in various sizes and capacities. Producing alternating current is called alternator and the producing respective direct current are called direct current generators, or dynamo. No matter AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current), the source of the electrical energy is same. Machine draft is just different.

Mechanical energy required to run a generator, water turbines, steam turbines, internal combustion engines or gas turbines are provided with tools such as giving the first movement. Two types of mechanical energy into electrical energy is the main machine: alternating current and direct current DC generators, AC generators. Most of today's electricity is produced by AC generators and alternators for this tool is called. AC, English Alternative Current (AC) of the initials, the Dieckt DC Current (DC) by taking the first letters of words are used. Alternator, synchronous generators, also known as machines, with almost all the steam and water power to obtain energy from the plant are the main generators. Because transformers can easily increase and decrease the voltage. High voltage is used for transporting and the low voltage is suitable for distribution and use.

Operating principle: Most of electrical generator is based on the theory of Faraday's law. Wire coil surrounding a magnetic current line number (maxwell) is changed, depending on the coil windings in the magnetic flux proportional to the number of an electromotive force is achieved. Instantaneous voltage value E =-n (df) / dt) is 10-8 volts. Where n is the number of coils, the magnetic flux f maxvell and t is time in seconds. Minus sign, the induced voltage, which forces itself arises as to indicate the opposite. According to another part of the generator is tilted mechanically induced voltage in the generator windings, so that coil around the armature windings, called the magnetic flux occurs. Magnetic flux of permanent magnets, DC or AC source can be obtained from the field winding.

Structure: Only a small generator is used in permanent magnetic fields in practice. Except for induction generators, large generators are equipped with DC field windings. Most of the field winding of DC generator stator, AC generator rotor in the field of wound dressings were normal. Only low voltage and power to the field winding of dynamo electric currents needed to transfer shows the two wires. They can easily turn against the forces of isolation (isolation).

Magnetic flux is not subject to change any portion of the circuit can be solid steel. AC generators, DC machines, and some areas of this polar structure of the parts are included in all returns.

Special types of generators: Pentagon pole generators (Homopolar Generator: HPG): the direct, direct current produces a single machine. All other types of DC generator armature windings and the commutator through the AC produces converts AC to DC then. HPG has no armature windings or commutator. That this difference causes the generator to be a very reliable machine. Although the electromechanical generator HPG, last entered the field of application.

Magneto-hydrodynamic generator: This generator, essentially a high speed fışkırtı terms of the electrical conductive gas (ionized gas), and the magnetic field arises from two electrodes is composed of the field windings. Because the gas is sufficiently conductive to make the required high temperatures and large amounts of potassium.

High frequency generators: electrical device when the minimum weight and size are important, especially in high frequencies from 60 hertz is useful. 400 Hertz, for example, the power supply are widely used in aircraft.(Back to Top)

Technical Terms

Power Calculator Info Needed 
Descriptions of Measurement and shortened
P : Electrical or mechanical power in terms of KW
KWm :

Output power (m=mechanical) in terms of KW

KWe : Electrical power in terms of KW
PF : Power Factor (Cos Φ - 0.8 or 1.0)
EEF : Generator Alternator Efficiency Percentage (%)
I : Amper
U (V) : Voltage
KVA : Real Electric Power
Amps : Amper
RPM : Revoulation Per Minute
Hz orCycle : Number of cycles per minute
Pd (KWm) : Mechanical engine power

Generator Selection

The mean values of the following elements related to the use the generator would be appropriate to consider.

a) The height above sea level
b) The percentage of the annual average humidity where will be installed.
c) The annual temperature

Buying Generator

When you buy generators in the following points should be taken down;

1) While buying generators, expert and powerful generator manufacturers in terms of service reference should be preferred.

2) Companies in the selection of generator, power generator manufacturers which has laboratory tests should be preferred. After the purchase of the generator which has tested by running an empty load after the manufacturing doesnt show the generator does not have a trouble. Generators running in full load, but efficiency can be determined accurately.

3) Generator powered by a team of experts before taking discovery to be made. The most common errors, use of the generator according to the label on the location of the device is to make identification difficult. Thus demurrage (development) currents are ignored and the wrong generators choice is made.

4) To buy generators for professional purposes, especially environmental factors (environmental conditions, altitude, etc ..), the selection of generators should be taken into consideration. These services are only given by expert companies.

Generators to make comparison between the just price is wrong. It should be noted that the generators are taken to meet the most urgent energy needs and the work of many years with the expectation of performance. So buying generators which is manufactured using quality materials and not with cheap products will be more profitable in the long term.

6) Generators, motors, alternators and the origin of the brand must be purchased with the sale agreement stated.

7) Generators should be asked about the periodic maintenance.

8) Generators (especially for the engine) parts can be easily found.

9) Sound isolation booths or trailers will be purchased with a generator, the companies that produces this part themselves should be preferred.
Sound isolation booths largely by a simple product, air circulation, easy handling, noise insulation quality, IP protection, fuel tank compartment, such as the production part in terms of paint requires high technology and expertise.

10) TSE, CE, ISO certified generators should be preferred. 

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