vibratör, inşaat makinaları Vibrators

Vibrators foundations, walls, columns, beams and precast concrete to achieve quality in production provides the ideal solution. Pendulum-type single-cylinder gasoline vibrators are resistant to extreme loads and high performance engines provide high quality concrete production.

Problem thanks to the high-power high-frequency vibrators work. It has high security engine. They are conditional on the flow and thermal protect. Coal exchange outside maintenance. With its robust structure to the site.

Compactors kompaktör, inşaat makinaları

KM-K series are compact; granules, and less compaction of clay floors, hot and cold asphalt paving, parking, road and bridge construction, buildings, sidewalks and road sides, has been designed for laying paving stone.

Forward & Back-up Compact moving back and forth inside the channels that work and all kinds of compulsory basic edge is very suitable for the compaction of the fill. Infinitely variable forward, backward and fixed-site power management arm compression are available.

vibrasyonlu tokmak, inşaat makinaları Vibratory Tampers

Honda four-stroke air-cooled engine, high-performance, low emissions. High sound-insulating, shock absorbing handle operators with the opportunity to work without tiring. Ideal for high impact compression stroke.

Long-lasting and ergonomic foot with the use of iron granules in tight spaces, mixed and clayey soils in compression, high-performance gas channels, has been designed for ease of use is a compression equipment.

Asphalt-Concrete Cutting Machine asfalt-beton kesme makinası, inşaat makinaları

Gasoline and diesel models course cutting machines, all kinds of concrete and asphalt floor, the accuracy of the concrete and asphalt patching and repair jobs, infrastructure, opening of the factory, warehouse, industrial floors and highway construction site was designed for.

Mini Asphalt-Concrete Cutting Machine with high performance and low weight allows easy transportation and fast cutting joints. Thanks to the low weight can be removed easily by two people. Protected from external factors and preservation methods used are completely off the belt.

perdah makinası, inşaat makinaları Buffing Machines

High efficiency, offering comfortable working floats, to finishing concrete surfaces, is used to fix and polish. Endürstriyel and commercial buildings, warehouses floors, parking, airport, shopping center construction is the main use area.

Gasoline floats are long lasting and durable. Blade angle can be controlled by hand adjustment is available. Çarmpa independently rotating wheels in corners thanks to the circle will not be damaged. Lockable gas and height adjustable control arms, with self-adjusting centrifugal clutch work load at the first start.

Vibratory Rollers vibrasyonlu silindir, inşaat makinaları

All kinds of basic compression of mixed sand and gravel. Roads, parking, sidewalks and footpaths, in the construction of the stadium and the great hall of the basic preparation and asphalt road repair and maintenance work in the fields, especially in tight compaction of soil preparation equipment used in the process is a ground.

demir kesme makinası, inşaat makinaları Iron Cutting Machines

Power 24 Portable Rebar Cutting Machine, single-acting hydraulic drive system used in the cutting rebar, can be controlled manually is a makia.

Easy to use and require little maintenance properties. Due to these characteristics usually minor civil works contractors who mostly prefer a machine.

Iron Bending Machines demir bükme makinası, inşaat makinaları

Mechanical power transfer method used in construction iron bending processes, handheld machines are hard core. Angle adjustment with electric system is capable of doing, it can be operated both automatically and manually.

Specifically designed to make the hoop twisting machines is small, due to the small scale construction works of the people who are the machines of choice.

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